When a couple is married for several years and there is one spouse who has spent the majority of the marriage taking care of the children and/or supporting the opposite spouse’ in his/her career, the oppostite spouse will be ordered to pay alimony. After the divorce is final, the ex-spouse will continue to be entitled to the alimony.  If the ex-spouse decides to remarry or co-habitate with a new partner, the opposite spouse can attempt to have the amount of alimony reduced.

In these types of situations, the ex-spouse who is receiving the alimony may attempt to lie about the new relationship or  hide it so he or she can continue collecting the full amount of alimony. 


Space Coast Investigations has assisted several clients in providing the evidence necessary to prove that the ex-spouse is living with and sharing expenses with another individual.  We do this by showing patterns of every day activity at different times of day that would indicate that the individual is living in the home.   We would obtain pictures and video ofthe subject doing activity such as: going out to check the mail, taking the garbage out, leaving the house for a job and returning directly home from the job, their vehicle parked at the home at all hours of the night, etc.  We would also do an address check to see if the individual has had their mail forwarded to the ex-spouses’ address.  An asset check would also be completed to see if there are any shared assets between them.