Florida is a no-fault state (meaning that either party may be granted a divorce without the need to prove wrong-doing on the other spouse).  This fact, however, does not stop people from wanting to know the truth about whether their spouse has been cheating on them.   Space Coast Investigations has worked several fidelity cases and 90% of the clients simply want answers for the purpose of needing to know their next steps and whether they want to pursue a divorce. 


Even though Florida is a no fault state, there are cases where an attorney may recommend hiring a private investigator if the couple has mutual children involved in the divorce.  The reason for this is because if a  spouse is committing adultery and making wreckless decisions, it may reflect poorly on her abilitty to make good decisions for the children.  The act of adultery could potentially have an adverse affect on the child and therefore can be used as evidence in a custody case.  We have had several cases referred to us by attorneys who were questioning the “moreal fitness” of the oppostite spouse and wanted video evidence that they were carrying on a relationship with another person.  In cases like these, we would also run background checks to see if the person that the spouse is spending time with has a criminal history.  If they have an unsuitable character, this may also strenghthen the case to show that the spouse is making poor decisions for her family.


Proof of infidelity has also been known to help spouses collect more alimony as well.